An author of several mystery novels and short story collections, I began writing fiction in 2010 following a marketing and sales career that took me around the world. I now write from my mountain home near the Blue Ridge Parkway with my wife Claudia who shares her considerable editing experience.

This site will be updated regularly, and I welcome your comments and suggestions.  I hope you come back often. You can learn more about my writing by CLICKING HERE. 

Thanks for visiting.


— D. R. Shoultz


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Every murder mystery in the series stands on its own. Each includes characters you’ll not forget, villains you’ll despise, and surprising twists to keep you flipping pages.  With the mountains of North Carolina as a backdrop, male and female protagonists work together to solve the suspense-filled mysteries. 

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13 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Johanna Gabbett Klesh

    Good luck on the new site! I have read a lot of your books and posts and have enjoyed them. It is nice to know that I knew you “way back when” as we were growing up.
    Johanna Gabbett Klesh


    1. It was tough to move from my old site. Been there since 2012. I tried to move my posts, but it was a mess so I started over. Still have them on file, so I can pull one out every so often. Thanks for stopping by. Good luck with your blog and writing.


  2. Just stopping by from Goodreads. Your website has a clean, uncluttered look. A trend that appears to be favoured these days. Colour scheme is pleasant, and you are presenting your titles via a dominant position on the page. So the net effect is all good. The only things you could/should consider adding to your site (in the future) are a few marketing widgets.

    To be honest I am not a significant consumer of fiction books, but for yours I might make an exception. My background includes many years spent in the Oil & Gas industry: mostly the Middle East. I also have an I.T./Systems background. So your titles “Melting Sand” and “Cyber One” readily caught my eye.

    Wishing you the best results going forwards.


  3. I love your site. It’s easy on the eye and the brain. I’m not impressed by some new blogs that slip from the top, then the bottom, and finally flash, “Join my Mailing List”, so yours is a real treat. I shall return to see what you’re up to.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Pamela Record

    I have finished At the Rivers Edge. I loved it. Will be starti g Melting Sand next. Will order all of your books a few at a time til I have all of them. . Can’t wait for Butchers Road.


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