Taking a Break

It’s hard to define what “taking a break” means when you’re a retired businessman- turned-writer, but that’s what I’ve done the past several weeks.  After wrapping up my recent novel, At the River’s Edge, and self-publishing it on August 15th, I’ve taken a break from writing.

I missed the September posts to the two monthly writers’ blog hops where I regularly participate, and I haven’t written a single word on my next murder mystery (working title Butchers Road).

What I have done is visited family and taken a New England/Canada cruise with my wife, Claudia, and two longtime friends.   It was the longest I’ve been away from writing and our dog, Milo, in years.  Milo acts as if I’ve never left, but I still haven’t gotten back into full writing mode, as yet.

Claudia and I were very impressed with the towns and scenery in Maine and Nova Scotia.  There were too many people on the cruise ship to our liking, but once ashore, we were able to relax and soak in the cool sea air, visit with friendly natives,  and hike the picturesque countryside.

I’ll get back into writing and return to my blog in October, but until then, here are a few snapshots of our trip and one of Milo begging me to get up from my desk.

IMG_0040   IMG_E0051





2 thoughts on “Taking a Break

  1. Everyone needs a break now and then. Getting back into the swing of things is the tough part, but be patient with yourself. Allowing yourself the down time without guilt is what will make the break feel like real rejuvenation.

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