Another Mountain Mystery

I’m excited to announce Fallen from Sight, the third book in the Mountain Mystery Series, is coming January 1st to  The novel will be available in paperback and Kindle format, and like the others in the series, can be read independently.   You can pre-order and learn more by clicking HERE.

My goal in each mystery novel is to deliver fast-paced suspense, interweaving plots, and compelling characters you’ll remember long after flipping the final page.  The stories are set in fictional North Carolina towns, capitalizing on the vitality and beautiful backdrops of my home state.

Shadowy murders confront readers at the beginning of each mountain mystery.  In Fallen from Sight, the brutalized body of a young woman is discovered by park rangers near Jefferson Peak where Sarah Campbell, a local resident, went missing just days earlier.  The female victim is not Sarah, but who is she, and is her death connected to Sarah’s sudden disappearance?  

The mystery of the Jane Doe murder parallels the frantic search for Sarah Campbell by her boyfriend Ryan and twin sister Beth. There’s evidence of human trafficking playing a role in the young woman’s death, adding to Ryan’s and Beth’s anxiety as they search for Sarah.

It’s my hope Fallen from Sight gets readers hooked on the Mountain Mystery Series.     

3 thoughts on “Another Mountain Mystery

  1. Joe B Mccollum

    I looked at Amazon, but can only order for Kindle at this time. I prefer the book.
    I will order as soon as I can get the actual book. Looking forward to some exciting reading


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