Social Distancing – Week 3

What does a weekly blog on social distancing have to do with writing?  The answer is not so much, but writing is what I do.  It keeps me busy and somewhat productive.  And that’s what most of us are trying to do these days.

Social distancing is our defense against COVID-19. It affects everyone—writers, teachers, students, accountants, pilots, taxi drivers, postal employees, carpenters, waitresses, doctors, and first responders.  Some of these jobs can be performed while social distancing or by working from home, some not so easily.

My thoughts are with medical professionals and to our first responders.  They are not able to stay home or stand six feet back.  They fight this virus head-on–protecting, bringing comfort, and hopefully enabling recovery to those who are infected.

The courage of first responders isn’t something my wife and I witness from afar.  Her son–my stepson–is a firefighter in a large city.  He’s young, strong, and well-trained, but is as susceptible to this virus as anyone. We are so proud of him, but we worry. We worry about all family members. I’m sure you do , too.

During tough times, most people rise to the occasion. Examples are everywhere. Businesses, big and small, are retooling to provide much needed medical supplies.  Everyday people are changing their routines and giving their time to care for seniors and others needing a hand.  But it’s the first responders and medical professionals who most deserve our thanks and gratitude. They provide hope, care, and inspiration to us all.    

Thank you.

For adult readers of mystery who are looking to briefly escape reality and fill their social distancing hours, please check out my Mountain Mystery Series.


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