Seniors, Establish a Routine

I’m glad experts are working on a plan to gradually get Americans back to work.  There’s no perfect plan, and there are definitely no easy answers.

Even as America gradually opens for business, physical distancing and isolation will continue for me and other seniors. I’m over 65 with a compromised immune system.  I’m as healthy and active as a 40-year-old, but given my condition, I must avoid any and all infections.

My wife Claudia and I are fortunate. We live in the spacious Blue Ridge Mountains.  We’ve worked hard, planned well for retirement, and are prepared to get to the other side of this pandemic.  Most importantly, Claudia and I get along, even spending weeks together with little outside human contact.  Although, I must admit we both are talking to our dog, Milo, more lately.

We have a routine that provides variety, keeps us busy, and helps us fight isolation, boredom and depression.  This routine includes:

  • Reading (We’ve doubled our number of novels.)
  • Writing (I’m well ahead of schedule for my next book.)
  • Hiking mountain trails near our home (2+ miles/day)
  • Calling friends and family regularly
  • Listening to music (Mainly 60s and 70s)
  • Home projects (Organizing the garage, yard work, etc.)
  • Avoiding the drone of cable TV news (It repeats every 30 min.)
  • Watching Amazon Prime/Netflix movies
  • Daily internet searches for toilet paper and flour.  

There’s light ahead. From our daily hike with Milo.

We miss restaurants, movie theaters, sports, social events, shopping, and traveling to be with friends and family, but these are manageable sacrifices. Everyone is sacrificing.  Many are hurting.

Seniors, even as America gradually goes back to work, please stay safe, be vigilant, and find a routine that helps you welcome the next day. 

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