At the River’s Edge – Meet Emily Edwards

Emily 2

I’ve been asked which characters from my new murder mystery, At the River’s Edge, are my favorites.

I planned for the story to get its early energy from Emily Edwards, a young, spunky mountain woman.  She’s the granddaughter of a deceased moonshiner who reportedly buried his illegal gains on Sunset Peak Mountain, where Emily lives with her floppy-eared coonhound, Rufus. Attractive and petite with flowing blond hair, Emily’s appearance doesn’t reflect her self-reliance and toughness.

Suspense not only builds around the unsolved murder of Sunset Peak’s mayor, Hank Richards, but also around Emily and her ongoing battle with treasure hunters, convinced she possesses a map to her grandfather’s rumored fortune.

Emily and James Wolsey, her brave, well-meaning boyfriend, continue to find themselves entangled in danger and at the center of the book’s tension.  More often than not, it is Emily who rises to the challenge.  It’s my hope readers become immersed in the threats facing the young couple, and by the end of the story, are as captivated as I am by Emily.

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*Emily’s Image from Pixabay