BUTCHER ROAD – Meet Jack Fowler

Thanks for stopping by to meet Jack Fowler, the lead character in BUTCHER ROAD. This suspense-filled novel is scheduled for release on or before June 21st and will be similar to AT THE RIVER’S EDGE with unsolved murders, investigative intrigue, and several deadly confrontations. This book, too, is set in North Carolina, with two of the protagonists romantically linked.

Butcher Road - Jack Fowler

The novel opens with Jack out for an evening walk when his nose directs him to a decaying corpse in an abandoned house.  The foul odor reminds Jack of his military experience, having returned from Afghanistan two years prior.  He has a brief flashback before shaking it off and reengaging in the present.  During the same scene, he interacts with arriving police officer, Al Walker.  Their banter portrays Jack as a no-nonsense guy, unafraid to challenge authority and get involved.

As Jack’s character evolves, readers will also find him to be a man who takes responsibility and is caring, patriotic, and values his personal and professional relationships.  He also will expose a dry sense of humor on occasion.

Every suspense novel interjects tension and conflict into the life of its protagonists. It is this tension and conflict that make the characters interesting and compelling. How they engage, resolve or fall victim to conflict should also be consistent and fit their profile.

The sources of Jack Fowler’s tension in BUTCHER ROAD are many.  With great effort, he is overcoming PTSD symptoms.  His fellow police officers are resentful of Jack’s relationship with the Chief of Police and his rapid rise within the department.  A fast-blooming relationship with Angela Jones, a Charlotte detective, has him balancing his personal and professional life.  Most importantly, Jack becomes entangled in a serial murder case where he and Detective Jones become the targets of the killer.

So that’s Jack Fowler.  If you’d like to get a preview of BUTCHER ROAD, you can read the first chapter by CLICKING HERE.   Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

— D.R. Shoultz

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