Coming 2020!

On course for a September release, A TOWN DIVIDED is the next novel in the Mountain Mystery Series.  Pre-orders will be available at a discount thirty days in advance of publication. 

As with the others in the series, this suspense-filled novel stands on its own.  All Mountain Mysteries are set in or near the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina with male and female protagonists working side by side, determined to find the killer(s).  Each novel feature short, fast-moving chapters, frequent plot twists, and characters you’ll not forget.   

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ATD - Cover 2


Following the unexpected death of his father, Luke Maxwell walks away from a promising corporate legal career, returning to his hometown of Ridgeview, North Carolina.  Glen Perkins, the surviving half of the Perkins & Maxwell Law Group, convinces the 38-year-old bachelor that the mountain community needs the small law firm.  Without Luke’s support, the office would likely close.

Years later, on a blustery autumn evening, Luke departs work to find the elder Perkins face down in the parking lot beside his car.  He’d been fatally shot in the chest. Other than two 9mm shell casings, the sheriff’s deputies find no clues at the scene.

Perkins had been representing landowners in a battle against North Carolina’s Department of Transportation. The D.O.T. is seizing property along a proposed highway expansion, connecting the town to larger cities. Rumors begin circulating that powerful men benefiting from the road construction project are behind Perkins’ murder. The murder investigation takes the first of many turns when a handgun belonging to Perkins’ son, Aaron, is discovered in a dumpster two blocks from the murder.

Luke’s not convinced of Aaron’s guilt.  Along with Kari Watkins, the firm’s feisty, green-eyed paralegal, they become entangled in Aaron’s defense. Both are determined to find the real killer–unaware of the danger their search will bring.

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