Miles Stevens Sunday Giveaway Contest

Update:  This contest ran for two weeks 10/21/2018 and 10/28/2018.   Winners were selected and notified, and the contest has concluded.   

Thank you to those who entered, and congratulations to the winners.

— D.R. Shoultz


In recognition of reaching 500++ Facebook followers, I’m announcing this contest to run each Sunday afternoons until canceled.

Here’s how it works:

Sunday between Noon and 3:00 PM EST, I will post a new “code” to my Facebook page under heading Miles Stevens Sunday Giveaway Contest. No one can enter until the new code is posted.

The FIRST FIVE Facebook followers who send an email to with the information below will win an eBook from the Miles Stevens series.  Highlight, copy and paste the 4 items below into your email with your selections.

  • Sunday’s Code:   ____________
  • eBook Preferred (pick one):  MELTING SAND, CYBER ONE or GONE VIRAL
  • Format Preferred: KINDLE or PDF
  • Tell me if you’d like to be added to my Monthly Newsletter?:   YES or NO

Miles Stevens 3D (500x397)

The five winners will be selected based on the time-stamp of their emails, and their selected eBook will be delivered by email within 48 hours.  The Facebook post will be updated immediately following the five winners being selected and the contest will close at that time or at midnight Sunday EST, whichever comes first.

If you’re not a winner, or even if you are, try again next Sunday!  You can enter each week!

It’s that simple.  Good luck!

— D.R. Shoultz


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  • You can learn more about the Miles Stevens Series by going HERE. 
  • This contest is subject to change or to end at any time.