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At the River’s Edge – Back Cover Blurb

Sunset Peak, North Carolina is cursed by murder and captivated by moonshine money.

The unsolved shooting death of Mayor Hank Richards has a five-year curse hovering over the historic mountain community. Townspeople look over their shoulders in fear as neighbor accuses neighbor.

Rumors of buried moonshine money captivate those seeking unearned riches, but haunt Emily Edwards, the strong-willed granddaughter of the purported moonshiner.

Shortly following the murder of Mayor Richards, James Wolsey returns after college to help his mom manage the family’s hardware business. James and Emily are traveling diverse paths when they meet, but quickly align on a common course. If not for obsessed treasure hunters convinced Emily possesses a map, it seems their future together is promising.

The couple’s attempt to dispel rumors of buried treasure leads them to the gravesite of Emily’s ancestor beside the New River. What they uncover at the river’s edge propels them into the path of the mayor’s killer, and unleashes a chain of chilling events that forever changes Sunset Peak.

Mayor Richards’ murder will not be the last in the previously peaceful town.

From the Author

Sunset Peak, North Carolina is a fictional town situated in the northwest corner of the state somewhere between I-77 and the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The town isn’t based on any single community, but elements of historic towns in this picturesque area form what becomes the setting for At the River’s Edge. If Sunset Peak existed, it would be near the triangulation of Elkin, Sparta, and Wilkesboro, North Carolina, and an amalgamation of all three communities.

I’ve lived in North Carolina since 1995 and have resided in my mountain home near the Blue Ridge Parkway for more than ten years. You will not find friendlier people or more beautiful scenery anywhere in the world.

While the people and the town in this novel are fictional, the mountains, rivers, and my love of the area are real. I enjoyed interweaving familiar backgrounds into this suspenseful story.

By the time you finish reading, I hope you find yourself inside Sunset Peak along with its townspeople, speculating about who killed Mayor Richards and wondering what Emily and James will find At the River’s Edge.

— D. R. Shoultz 

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