Short Story Collections

“The stories in these collections examine the lives of lovers, schemers, lost souls, everyday people, and even pets, providing a fly-on-the-wall perspective of their challenges, miseries, and joys.”

Short Story Collection (2)

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The author’s profits from the Amazon sales of MOST MEN and IT GOES ON go to support homeless pets in North Carolina. 


From inspirational to tragic, suspenseful to romantic, the dozen stories in IT GOES ON will keep you entertained to the very end, with the end being only twenty minutes away. The eclectic collection of stories examines the lives of lovers, schemers, lost souls, everyday people, and even pets, providing a fly-on-the-wall perspective of their challenges, miseries, and joys. The stories will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading.  Stories Include:

  • Something for Nothing – A calamity of errors develops as a man and his wife attempt to steal pension funds from her aging aunt.
  • Abandoned – A mother Lab and her pups fight for survival after being abandoned in the North Carolina back country.
  • Reflection – A man steps through his reflection, seeking to cross paths with his soul mate in a time long ago.
  • Class Reunion – His ten-year high school reunion turns out to be everything Mike Watson had hoped it wouldn’t.
  • Easy Come – A Wall Street broker engages in a personal tug-of-war between his family and his career.
  • A Love Never Lost – The story of a middle-aged widow and a search for love that takes her back to a familiar place.
  • A Costly Legacy – A son faces the decision between protecting his father’s legacy and saving his own reputation.
  • A Christmas Found – A young couple’s struggle to find happiness is aided by a lost spaniel.
  • Another Day – A malcontent sales executive discovers his boring routine isn’t all that bad.
  • Through His Eyes – Duke, a beloved family pet, tells his life story.
  • Their Place – The story of a small-town Missouri diner and the role it plays in the lives of its townspeople.
  • Killing Him with Kindness – A couple’s storybook life comes to an unexpected, tragic ending.


MOST MEN includes a 110-page novella PLUS a collection of seven short stories. The stories are similar to those in IT GOES ON in that they will make you cry, laugh, and think. The protagonists range from a writer who has lost his sight, to a banker tired of the big city rat race, to a medical researcher and his family fleeing a rapidly spreading epidemic. Suspense, hidden twists and surprise endings are featured throughout the stories.

The novella included in MOST MEN is the story of Joe Richman and his wife Claire who’d recently retired to Pine Lake Country Club, gracefully carved into the Blue Ridge Mountains beside a North Carolina mountain lake. Their new community had all the amenities any retiree could expect—any retiree except Joe.

Joe had yet to find what his career had provided—the challenges, the risks and rewards that come from hard work. At age 62, he felt he had more to offer, but like it or not, his legacy had been cast. Adding to Joe’s angst was his father’s dying challenge, “History dwarfs the accomplishments of most men. Don’t be like most men.”

What Joe would learn was the beauty of the tall pines and rolling hills gave an air of calm, disguising the imperfections within. The grandeur of the mountains would soon be pulled back, revealing dangers and challenges Joe never anticipated.

He’d be given one more chance to change his legacy, to not be like MOST MEN.