Suspense-Filled Novels

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Phil Greenfield retired to The Glades looking for maintenance-free living, unlimited golf, and sunsets by the pool.  Days later, what he found wasn’t published in any of its brochures.

With the ratio of unmarried women to men approaching 5-to-1, feminine companionship of any size, shape, or age was readily available.  That in itself wasn’t all that unusual for the 60-year-old, silver-haired, bachelor from Richmond.  What was truly bizarre was the fixation on youth and the intensity of the sexual revolution he’d found behind the gates of the posh retirement community. Nips and tucks, hormonal therapies, blue pills and much more were commonplace.

Phil had not yet discovered that this youthful exuberance came at a price – a costly, painful, and sometimes deadly price.  Once sucked into its ageless pleasures, what would Phil do when he finally uncovered the complete story of The Glades?


The year is 2025.  Sam Stone is a seasoned businessman at MemOne, a cutting-edge technology firm in Tampa.  At 48, he’s at the peak of his career, recently widowed, and losing interest in life.  His future immediately is transformed when he meets Britney Young, a beautiful and brilliant PhD, who rekindles passions he thought were only in his past.

Money, power, and violence are being wielded by a Central American drug cartel intent on raiding MemOne’s innovations, gaining access to its high-tech biological meds.  If successful, the bold move would revolutionize the underground drug world.

Under the veil of an undisclosed U.S. corporation, the cartel prepares for a hostile takeover of MemOne. Britney becomes their target as they seek vital information.  With her life threatened and a former colleague brutally murdered, Britney reluctantly confides in Sam, exposing him to the looming danger she’s facing.  To protect his new love and to shield MemOne from an enemy it’s unaware even exists, Sam knows he must stop whoever is behind the Corrupt Connection.